AAVSO Photometric All Sky Survey (APASS) DR10

AAVSO Photometric All-Sky Survey (APASS), underway since 2010, covers the entire sky from 7.5 < V < 16.5 magnitude, and in the BVugrizY bandpasses. A northern and a southern site are used, each with twin ASA 20cm astrographs and Apogee Aspen CG16m cameras, covering 2.9x2.9 square degrees with 2.6arcsec pixels. Landolt and SDSS standards are used for all-sky solutions, with typical 0.02mag calibration errors on the bright end.

Data Release 10 is a complete reprocessing of all 500K images taken with the system, including hundreds of nights not part of DR9. Sextractor is used for star finding and centroiding; DAOPHOT is used for aperture photometry; the astrometry.net plate-solving library is used for basic astrometry, supplanted with more precise WCS that utilizes knowledge of the optical train distortions. With these changes, DR10 includes many more stars than prior releases.

More information is available at http://www.aavso.org/apass.

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If you use this data in a paper, please include the following acknowledgement: “This paper makes use of data from the AAVSO Photometric All Sky Survey, whose funding has been provided by the Robert Martin Ayers Sciences Fund and from the NSF (AST-1412587).”