Information on resource 'Gaia Data Release 1 (DR1)'

This schema contains data re-published from the official Gaia mirrors (such as ivo:// either to support combining its data with local tables (the various Xlite tables) or to make the data more accessible to VO clients (e.g., epoch fluxes). Other Gaia-related data is found in, among others, the gdr2dist, gdr3mock, gdr3spec, gedr3auto, gedr3dist, gedr3mock, and gedr3spur schemas.

We do not publish Gaia DR1 data here any more. If you actually need DR1 data, refer to the full Gaia mirrors, for instance the one at ARI. Otherwise, please use more recent data releases, for instance eDR3.

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If you use public Gaia DR1 data in your paper, please take note of ESAC's guide on how to acknowledge and cite Gaia DR1.

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