Shocks in high-mass starless clump candidates Virtual Observatory Resource

  1. Zhu F.-Y.
  2. Wang J.-Z.
  3. Liu T.
  4. Kim K.-T.
  5. Zhu Q.-F.
  6. Li F.
  7. Published by

In order to search for shocks in the very early stage of star formation, we performed single-point surveys of SiO J=1-0, 2-1, and 3-2 lines and the H_2_CO 2_12_-1_11_ line towards a sample of 100 high-mass starless clump candidates (SCCs) by using the Korean VLBI Network (KVN) 21-m radio telescopes. The detection rates of the SiO J=1-0, 2-1, 3-2 lines, and the H_2_CO line are 31.0, 31.0, 19.5, and 93.0 per cent, respectively. Shocks seem to be common in this stage of massive star formation. The widths of the observed SiO lines [full width at zero power (FWZP)] range from 3.4 to 55.1km/s. A significant fraction (~29 per cent) of the detected SiO spectra have broad line widths (FWZP>20km/s), which are very likely associated with fast shocks driven by protostellar outflows. This result suggests that about one third of the SiO-detected SCCs are not really starless but protostellar. On the other hand, about 40 per cent of the detected SiO spectra show narrow line widths (FWZP<10km/s) probably associated with low-velocity shocks which are not necessarily protostellar in origin. The estimated SiO column densities are mostly 0.31-4.32x10^12^cm^-2^. Comparing the SiO column densities derived from SiO J=1-0 and 2-1 lines, we suggest that the SiO molecules in the SCCs may be in the non-LTE condition. The SiO abundances to H_2_ are usually 0.20-10.92x10^-10^.

  1. Interstellar medium
  2. Protostars
  3. Star forming regions
  4. Chemically peculiar stars
  5. Radio astronomy
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