Variable stars in the SMCNOD Virtual Observatory Resource

  1. Prudil Z.
  2. Grebel E.K.
  3. Dekany I.
  4. Smolec R.
  5. Published by

We present a study of a recently discovered stellar overdensity near the northern edge of the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMCNOD). We exploited variable stars from the fourth release of the Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment. We used mainly pulsating variable stars and investigated their potential association with the SMCNOD using their spatial distribution and distances. We found four rather spatially concentrated anomalous Cepheids and eight evenly dispersed RR Lyrae stars to be most likely members of this overdensity. The anomalous Cepheids inside the SMCNOD trace possible intermediate-age population with ages ranging between 2 and 4.5Gyr. The age distribution of anomalous Cepheids seems to be in a good agreement with the age distribution of anomalous Cepheids in the SMC. Using empirical relations for RR Lyrae stars, we determined the median metallicity for a possible old population in the SMCNOD to be [Fe/H]_SMCNOD_=-1.71+/-0.21dex, which is in agreement with median metallicity of the old SMC population. The density profile for anomalous Cepheids shows a small anomaly at the position of the SMCNOD, on the other hand, RR Lyrae variables show no such deviation. The probability of finding the observed number of variable stars at the location of the SMCNOD by chance is very low for anomalous Cepheids (0.7 per cent) but high for RR Lyrae stars (13.0 per cent). Based on its variable stars content, we thus confirm the presence of a modest overdensity in intermediate-age stars in the SMCNOD and conclude that it probably has its origin in the SMC rather than to be the remnant of an accreted dwarf galaxy.

  1. Magellanic Clouds
  2. Variable stars
  3. Photometry
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