HSOY Download

You are about to download HSOY, a catalog of about 5×108 stars. For details, see the HSOY info in the GAVO data center, which is also where you'll find column metadata and other ancillary information. Unless you have a project that requires a lot more smarts on the whole catalog than ADQL gives you, our advice is to use HSOY through TAP service.

In case you really want the dump: it is 45.2 GiB of xz-compressed ASCII. On a line with a constant throughput of 10 Mbit/s, downloading this will take roughly 10 hours.

Type in 'yes' here to pull the data

In case the transfer is interrupted, you can probably resume where you left off by changing to your download directory and running a command like:

    	curl -C - -O http://vo.ari.uni-heidelberg.de/hsoy/hsoy.dump.xz