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This service publishes plate scans of the Palomar-Leiden Troian surveys conducted between 1960 and 1977. The surveys led to the discovery of more than 2,000 asteroids (1,800 with orbital information), with another 2,400 asteroids, including 19 Trojans, found after further analysis of the plates.

Note that because of the large size of the plates, in this service each original plate is contained in two parts, marked with "_1" and "_2", respectively. The central parts of the two parts overlap.

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  title={Scans of the Palomar-Leiden Trojan Survey Plates},
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Resource Documentation

Emulsion and Filter

Most plates had a Kodak 103a-O emulsion, exposed through a WG-2 filter.

One pair per field was taken each month on Kodak 103a-D emulsion, using a Y-6 filter.

Best effort is made in determining emulsion and filter; metadata regarding those values are incomplete.


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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
accref Product key Access key for the data N/A meta.ref.url
owner Owner Owner of the data N/A N/A
embargo Embargo ends Date the data will become/became public a N/A
mime Type MIME type of the file served N/A meta.code.mime
accsize File size Size of the data in bytes byte VOX:Image_FileSize
centerAlpha Ctr. RA Approximate center of image, RA deg POS_EQ_RA_MAIN
centerDelta Ctr. Dec Approximate center of image, Dec deg POS_EQ_DEC_MAIN
imageTitle Title Synthetic name of the image N/A VOX:Image_Title
instId Instrument Identifier of the originating instrument N/A INST_ID
dateObs Obs. date Epoch at midpoint of observation d VOX:Image_MJDateObs
nAxes #axes Number of axes in data N/A VOX:Image_Naxes
pixelSize Axes Lengths Number of pixels along each of the axes pix VOX:Image_Naxis
pixelScale Scales The pixel scale on each image axis deg/pix VOX:Image_Scale
refFrame Ref. Frame Coordinate system reference frame N/A VOX:STC_CoordRefFrame
wcs_equinox Equinox Equinox of the given coordinates yr VOX:STC_CoordEquinox
wcs_projection Proj. FITS WCS projection type N/A VOX:WCS_CoordProjection
wcs_refPixel Ref. pixel WCS reference pixel pix VOX:WCS_CoordRefPixel
wcs_refValues Ref. values World coordinates at WCS reference pixel deg VOX:WCS_CoordRefValue
wcs_cdmatrix CD matrix FITS WCS CDij matrix deg/pix VOX:WCS_CDMatrix
bandpassId Bandpass Freeform name of the bandpass used N/A VOX:BandPass_ID
bandpassUnit Bandpass unit Unit of bandpass specifications (always m). N/A VOX:BandPass_Unit
bandpassRefval Band Ref. Characteristic quantity for the bandpass of the image m VOX:BandPass_RefValue
bandpassHi Band upper Upper limit of the bandpass (in BandPass_Unit units) m VOX:BandPass_HiLimit
bandpassLo Band lower Lower limit of the bandpass (in BandPass_Unit units) m VOX:BandPass_LoLimit
pixflags P. Flags Flags specifying the processing done (C-original; F-resampled; Z-fluxes valid; X-not resampled; V-for display only N/A VOX:Image_PixFlags
coverage Coverage Field covered by the image deg N/A
platenum Plate ID Plate ID N/A
platepart Plate Part Scan index. Since the scanner used to digitise the plate was physically smaller than the plates, each plate scan consists of two parts. This number is either 1 or 2 correspondingly. N/A
wfpdb_id WFPDB Plate identifier as in the WFPDB N/A
exposure Exp. time Effective exposure time s time.duration;obs.exposure
obsnotes Notes Observation Notes N/A meta.note
emulsion Emulsion Emulsion of the original plate [Note e] N/A instr.plate.emulsion
pub_did PubDID Publisher data set id; this is an identifier for the dataset in question and can be used to retrieve the data through, e.g., datalink. N/A;meta.main
object Targ. Obj. Special object on plate N/A

Columns that are parts of indices are marked like this.


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Note e

Most exposures were made on Kodak 103a-O emulsion, with a WG2 filter.

One pair per field was taken each month on Kodak 103a-D emulsion, using a Y-6 filter.

Best effort is made in this service to reliably identify the emulsion and filter used in each exposure, but plate metadata has been incomplete. Use the information with caution.

Copyright and such: Based on photographic plates obtained with the Samuel Oschin telescope at Palomar Observatory. Digitization project by the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut (ARI/ZAH), Heidelberg in collaboration with the Institut fuer Erdmessung (IFE), Hannover and funded by the Klaus Tschira Foundation gGmbH.