Historical Photographic Plate Image Archive

GAVO's historical photographic plate archive (GHHPA) is a collection of various digitized historical photographic plates. It currently exposes:

Other plate collections kept by GAVO include the Heidelberg Digitized Astronomical Plates HDAP, ivo://org.gavo.dc/lswscans/res/positions/siap, and the APPLAUSE database from Potsdam.

ICRS Position, RA,DEC, or Simbad object (e.g., 234.234,-32.45)
Size in decimal degrees (e.g., 0.2 or 1,0.1)
Relation of image and specified Region of Interest.
Epoch at midpoint of observation
Freeform name of the bandpass used
No selection matches all, multiple values legal.
Object being observed, Simbad-resolvable form
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Limit to items.